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Unlimited Lifetime Warranty

Unlimited Lifetime Warranty
1. EMOM for 10 Minutes odd: 2 power cleans 2x2 75% #225 3x2 80% #235 even: 10 strict shoulder presses #115 2. 3 Rounds of Max Effort / Unbroken (ME/UB) Toes To Bar :30 sec rest b/t efforts 31, 10, 15, = 56 Reps 3. 8 minute AMRAP 5 Deadlifts #275 13 HR Push-Ups 9 Burpee Box Jumps 30" 5+13 Rest 1 Minute 15-12-9 For Time of: hang power snatch #95 wall ball shots #30 5:32 Just got back my 15x50 Vortex Viper HD binos, I sent them in for some repair/maintenance, they were really beat up from a few weeks in Nevada and Colorado 2 years ago, they looked and appeared brand new today. Any company that will stand behind an #unlimitedlifetimewarranty gets my respect. No questions asked, just some major TLC and shipped right back to me in time for peak scouting season.

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