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Tuesday Motivated

Tuesday Motivated
Today is full octane get shit done! Ordered my Oly bar for my garage gym - time for sneaky extra credit strength sessions coupled with some Nike Oly shoes, it's fricken Christmas around here. 1. EMOM for 5 Rounds Front Squat + Push Jerk #225,225,235,245,245 2. For Time: 3 rounds of x3 GTOH (rd 1 #185, rd 2 #205, rd 3 #225) x3 T2b 5 Rounds of "Cindy" buy-out 6:44 3. 3 Rounds For Total Time: 10 Thrusters #135 10 Chirpees Rest 1 Minute 6:22 20140819_090242_resized She's Beautiful IMG_20140819_144359_resized Geaking out on Gear

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