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This was a great bear season. I hunted a total of 7 days spread out through May and June 2016. Most of the hunts were spot and stalk, I never sat a tree stand. I saw a total of 11 different bears in person, passed on 2 bears under 30 yards. I did miss one bear at 28 yards, but that was better than wounding a bear. The next bear I finally shot was a dandy, but I ran out of blood after trailing him for 500 yards in the dark until 1am. I made a quartering away shot at...

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Today's the first workout back from a 10-day bear hunt, while at bear camp I did on little itty-bitty workout: 5 Rounds (not for time) #155 3 Power Snatches 3 Power Cleans 3 Push Jerks 3 Back Squats 06/16/2014 1. Split Jerk EMOM 3x2 70% #195, 3x3 75% #205 2. Front Squat 1x6 75% #245, 80% #265, 1x5 85% #285, 2x3 90% #295 3. 20 Minute AMRAP: 20 wall ball shots #30 200m run 30 walking OH lunges #45 25 deadlifts #185 3 rounds + 20 wall balls + 200m Run Bear Camp Summary Willi Schmidt from Pure Hunting came...

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