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Back From Bear Camp

Back From Bear Camp
Today's the first workout back from a 10-day bear hunt, while at bear camp I did on little itty-bitty workout: 5 Rounds (not for time) #155 3 Power Snatches 3 Power Cleans 3 Push Jerks 3 Back Squats 06/16/2014 1. Split Jerk EMOM 3x2 70% #195, 3x3 75% #205 2. Front Squat 1x6 75% #245, 80% #265, 1x5 85% #285, 2x3 90% #295 3. 20 Minute AMRAP: 20 wall ball shots #30 200m run 30 walking OH lunges #45 25 deadlifts #185 3 rounds + 20 wall balls + 200m Run Bear Camp Summary Willi Schmidt from Pure Hunting came up with his homeboy (and mine) Santino Castellanos. They had 2 camera men Teddy Duerr and my boy Grady Rawls. My dad and I hosted the men as we hunted out of our cabin for spring bears. We had 6 bait sites running and lots of action. Santino was first to draw blood as he killed a roaming boar on the first morning after sitting a stand for probably 30 minutes. I followed suit by arrowing my bear ground and pound style about 10 minutes later about 3 miles away as the crow flies. bear_camp_men idaho_bear1_2014 Next up was Willi, he shot his first bear ever that we named "Scareface," this boar had a mating pair with him and Willi took care of business. This entire hunt will air next year on the 4th Season of Pure Hunting on the Sportsman's Channel. Here is a trail-cam picture of "Scarface." WGI_0061 Santino ended up arrowing his second bear off the same stand as his first, this bear stood up on him and he shot it up close on the ground through the chest, it didn't go far. I ended up sitting this very same stand a few days later and shot my second bear. A beautiful chocolate bear and then spent the rest of the week scouting for elk spots, cutting out elk trails, hanging cameras, and hiking for conditioning. 2nd_bear_ID_2014 mysteryranch1 I plan on putting up a few videos of the bear hunting action and going elk scouting in the next few days. I want folks to learn how I hunt bears and how I scout elk way in advance. Should make for some good viewing and maybe you'll learn a nugget or two on how I roll.

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