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Today I did a 50 minute cardiovascular based workout to get the blood pumping, rest was truly active... tomorrow is the 1 day Crossfit competition in downtown Spokane, it's going to be fun. 50 minute amrap 88 twenty yard plate pushes alternating w/partner 40 alternating sit ups 30 burpee box jumps alternating 20 wall balls alternating 10 toes 2 bar alternating 2 rds + 280 yards.

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Taught the morning classes, did some yard maintenance at the box, got the sprinklers going and managed a workout as well. Tonight I'm headed to the range to practice with my old man. Taking this week off from bomb run baiting mission, but will hit it hard this weekend no doubt. Today's workout: 1. EMOM for 6 minutes 2 Push Jerk #195 + 3 Clean High Pulls #185 2. Back Squat 60%x8 #225, 65%x6 #245, 70%2x6 #265, rest :60s between sets 3. 2 rounds for time: 50 Burpees 150 yard plate push 50 Double Unders 12:00

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