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Ok fine, I am back online, plugged back into reality and responsibility. I am not elk hunting. No bugles. No mountains. I do get to see my wife and kids though. And my gym. And all the members that make that place special. I will get back after training and shooting and preparing for the next hunt... the October lull is a real thing friends, at least for me. I posted this on Instagram/Facebook, wanted to repost here: I look forward to being uncomfortable each hunting season. Cold, hot, wet, tired, fatigued and lonely is par for the course. Most...

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Tuesday July 27th,2016 1. Clean complex at knee: clean pull + power clean + squat clean 50%,60,70,75,70 | #142,171,200,215,200 2. Press Behind Neck Split Position (% based on strict press) 5x3 50%,60,70,75,70 | #95,102,119,127,119 3. Overhead Squat 5x3 50,%60,70,80,90 | #159,185,212,238,250fail 4. RDL's 5x3 50%,60,70,75,70 | #162,195,227,243,227 5. For Time: 21 hang power cleans #135, 21 burpees over the bar, 100 double unders 15 hang power cleans, 15 burpees over the bar, 75 double unders 9 hang power cleans, 9 burpees over the bar, 50 double unders | 7:01 6. 3 Rounds with a parnter: 15 ghdsu + 15 kbs...

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