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Back From Elk Hunting

Back From Elk Hunting
Ok fine, I am back online, plugged back into reality and responsibility. I am not elk hunting. No bugles. No mountains. I do get to see my wife and kids though. And my gym. And all the members that make that place special. I will get back after training and shooting and preparing for the next hunt... the October lull is a real thing friends, at least for me. I posted this on Instagram/Facebook, wanted to repost here: I look forward to being uncomfortable each hunting season. Cold, hot, wet, tired, fatigued and lonely is par for the course. Most folks today do not go 5 minutes without checking their phone, let alone not talking to or seeing a person for days on end. Seems like making sure we're comfortable is often one of our highest priorities in today's society. Our world is an instant world with lots of notifications, emails, and distractions. Man made stresses interfere each and every day coupled with a responsibility to put up a facade for social media, I don't think this is healthy from my vantage point. Seriously how much time do we waste staring at our phones? My perspective can use an adjustment periodically and clarity can surround you in the mountains. There's no thermostat in the backcountry and running water is a nearby creek. If you're cold and wet, then simply build a fire. Mother Nature doesn't give a single "F" about you and she'll remind you of this early and often. Simplicity at its finest. I'm thankful for mountain air and a time to be still and reflect. A man needs adventure, a challenge and to feel alive. This is purely a test I relish to take each and every fall. I hunt to kill. Don't get it twisted, I enjoy taking responsibility for securing meat for my family. I also enjoy trying to harvest a big heavy mature animal on public land with a general tag. For those that don't hunt, this means trying to tag an animal that is hunted by many and is probably the most challenging and rewarding type of hunting out there. I have more friends that probably will never hunt than do and perhaps wonder why I put my life on hold to go in the mountains each fall. This is a glimpse into the WHY I go and do what I do. I'm proud to be a hunter. I'm thankful for a renewed perspective each fall. Sunday 10/1/2017 10:1 and 1:10 strict pull-ups and strict push-ups push-press 5x5 #175 3 full cleans + 3 jerks 4 sets #185 Monday 10/2/2017 EMOM Snatches for 3 rounds: min 1 - #135x3 min 2 - #155x2 min 3 - #165x1 min 4 - rest Muscle Ups 3 rounds of 6-4-3 unbroken 2:00 rest b/t rounds Back Squat #135x5, 185x5, 215x5, 245x5 3 rounds for time: 15 hang power cleans #95 15 wall ball shots #20 15 calorie row | 7:52 Tuesday 10/3/2017 Row Conditioning on the minute 6 rounds :40s work, :20s rest | 69 calories rest 1 minute Row Conditioning on the minute 4 rounds :40s work, :20s rest | 51 calories rest 1 minute Row Conditioning on the minute 2 rounds :40s work, :20s rest | 29 calories 3 rounds of 10-8-6 strict unbroken handstand push-ups rest 2:00 b/t rounds 2 rounds: 50 cal assault bike 400m true form run 200m Dog Sled #190 | 18:00 Wednesday 10/4/2017 - REST DAY | 20 arrows inside the gym 20-30 yards Thursday 10/5/2017 5 clusters (squat clean thruster) #135 3 clusters #155 1 cluster #185 | 1:45 rest 3:00 5 clusters (squat clean thruster) #155 3 clusters #175 1 cluster #195 | 2:15 rest 2:00 5 clusters (squat clean thruster) #175 3 clusters #195 1 cluster #205 | 3:15 EMOM 10 minutes ODD: 200m Ski Erg EVEN: 15 Chest to Bar Pull-ups 5 Rounds for time: 9 DB Lunges #50's 6 DB Clean and Jerks #50's 3 Bar Muscle Ups | 8:14 Friday 10/6/2017 Morning hike with my wife | 4 miles #40 pack, 1,000 elevation Pause Snatches at knee 3 sec 5x3 #145 Snatch pulls 4x3 #205 Complex: 1 power clean + 1 hang power clean + jerk 5x2 #135,165,165,195,195 Conditioning: with a partner, 1 person works at a time... 2 rounds of: 50 toes to bar 50 burpees to target | 8:13 Saturday 10/7/2017 10 arrows at 10 yards in my garage For Time: 800m Run TrueForm + 6 rounds of chief 400m Run + 4 rounds 200m Run + 2 rounds | 13:46 **1 round of chief = 3 power cleans #135 + 6 push-ups + 9 air squats For Time: 21 cal ski erg + 5 legless rope climbs 15 cal ski erg + 3 legless rope climbs 9 cal ski erg + 1 legless rope climb | 5:20 Sunday 10/8/2017 Fire House Lift: DB Bench Press 25's x12, 40's x12, 50's x 12, 70's x 12, 70's x 10, 70's x9 Back Squat #45x12, 135x12, 185x12, 235x10, 245x8, 255x6 ElkShape Partners Bohning Archery Caribou Gear Game Bags Hoyt Achery Mtn Ops Vortex Optics Exo Mountain Gear Option Archery Easton Archery Sitka Gear FHF Gear Kenetrek Boots OnXmaps Elk Shape Youtube Channel Elk Shape BOOK Phelps Quality Game Calls

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