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CrossFit Open 15.4 03/19/2015 8-minute AMRAP: 3 handstand push-ups 3 cleans 6 handstand push-ups 3 cleans 9 handstand push-ups 3 cleans 12 handstand push-ups 6 cleans 15 handstand push-ups 6 cleans 18 handstand push-ups 6 cleans 21 handstand push-ups 9 cleans Etc., following same pattern Score - 101 I was pretty good on hspu, but my cleans were shitty. I had no pop on the bar and got no recovery from the barbell movement. My round of 21 was full of fatigue. I will redo this workout, go a little faster in the cleans, break up the hspu a litte...

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Here's a little throwback video to when I first started making fitness vids for Hoyt Archery: Today's Brutal Workouts: (1) Clean & Jerk 1x3 60% #177, 1x2 70% #205, 1x2 75% #221, 1x2 80% #236, 1x2 85% #250, 1x2 80% #236 (2) OHS 1x3 65% of 1 rep max Snatch 1x2 70% #161, 1x2 75% #161, 1x2 80% 172, 1x2 85% #183, 1x2 80% #172 (3) 10,10,9,9,8,8...etc...1,1 of Power Clean #185 and Strict HSPU's | 9:59 unbroken on all HSPU's. (4) Clean Grip Deadlift 1x6 #255, 1x5 #305, 1x4 #335, 1x1 #365 (5) Shitty Met Con 3 min max wall...

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"Tore up from the floor up," is what my buddy Bash said to me today - I couldn't agree more and tomorrow is a rest day for sure. Today I hauled the second to last load of stuff from our storage unit to our new home in Spokane Valley. 2014 has been busy...moved the gym to a bigger and better space, sold our home of ten years in Spokane, moved all our stuff to a storage unit, rented an apartment, built a home, had a beautiful baby, and now we're finally settling into our new home. Did I mention training...

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