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I will say this was a planned DELOAD week coming off that Spartan Beast Race in Montana... so here's what I did do: Monday 5/6/19 32 Min EMOM (every minute on the minute) Min 1: 1 Round of Cindy (5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 squats) Min 2: 15 calorie bike Min 3: 1 round of DT 12 deadlifts, 9 hang cleans, 6 push jerks 115# Min 4: 15 calorie row Tuesday 5/7/19 10 rounds of :20s work, :40s rest Assault Bike Cals | 121 cals 4 min AMRAP x3 with 4 min rest b/t AMRAPs: 27 cal row, 27 burpees,...

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Monday 4/1/19 Back Squats 3x5 warm-up sets, x5 205#, x5 235#, x5 270#, x3 315# Team of 3, 30 Rounds For Time (one person working at a time), 5 Thrusters 95#, 5 toes to bar, 5 burpees | 17:38 3 rounds not for time: 1 min Overhead KB hold per arm 53#, 20 lunges with sandbag front rack 50#, GHD Raises x8 Tuesday 4/2/19 3 rounds not for time: 100' KB 1 arm farmer walk each arm, 100' KB 1 arm front rack carry each arm, 100' KB 1 arm OH walk each arm, 70# kettlebell Strict Press 3x5 warm-up,...

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Monday 10/15/18 1. Back Squat, build to a heavy set of 7 reps | 275# 2. Power Snatch Doubles | 95#,115,135,145,155 3. Bench 3-2-1 | 195#x3, 210#x2, 225#x1 4. For Time: 10 Front squats 155# + 10 Double Unders 9 Front squats 155# + 20 Double Unders 8 Front squats 155# + 30 Double Unders 7 Front squats 155# + 40 Double Unders 6 Front squats 155# + 50 Double Unders 5 Front squats 155# + 60 Double Unders 4 Front squats 155# + 70 Double Unders 3 Front squats 155# + 80 Double Unders 2 Front squats 155# +...

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Only 3 training sessions this week, but they were all horrible... Took the family camping down in souther Idaho and got some Antelope scouting in as well. Looks like my dad and I are going to go for speed goats in Idaho and Montana in a week or so. Should be a blast. Hopefully our scouting pays off big time. The family time logged is extremely critical for me, as I plan on leaving them for several weeks of hunting this fall and I hate missing anything with my kids growing up. My wife is a rockstar. MONDAY 7/30/2018 1....

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