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Monday August 29th, 2016 1. Snatch 1x3 60% #135, 1x3 70% #155, #180x1, #190x2, #200x1, #205 miss, #190x1, #195x2 2. Split Jerk 60% 1x3 #200, 80% 1x2 #225, 85% 1x2 #242, #256 1x1, #245 2x2 3. Snatch Pull 7x2 70%,80,90,100,110,110,100 | #155,180,190,225,245,245,225 4. RDL 60%x3 #195, 70%,80,85,90,9595 | #227,260,275,292,308,308 5. AMRAP 7 minutes: 22 Double Unders + 10 Clean and Jerks #135 | 4 rounds + 30 reps 6. Accessory Circuit 4 rounds: 10 strict HSPU 10 deficit 4" push-ups 10 GHD Raises Tuesday August 30th, 2016 1. 3 mile hike, #50 pack, 1300 vertical 2. Clean and Jerk 3+3...

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My bowhunting season has officially kicked off with a High Country Mule Deer hunt in the great state of Nevada! Here's my Nutrition (daily) on an 8 day backpack hunt: PRO BAR, 3oz, 11g protein, 380 calories, 123 calories/oz JACK'S LINKS, 1.2 oz, 8g protein, 140 calories, 116 calories/oz MOUNTAIN BAR, 1.6 oz, 3g protein, 200 calories, 125 calories/oz NATURE VALLEY, 1.5 oz, 3g protein, 190 calories, 125 calories/oz FIG NEWTON, 2 oz, 1g protein, 200 calories, 100 calories/oz TRAIL MIX, 6oz, 20g protein, 700 calories, 116 calories/oz PURE PRO BAR, 1.7oz, 20g protein, 180 calories, 102 calories/oz MTN HOUSE,...

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Anyone coming across this training portion of ELKSHAPE just please be aware that this is what I do to stay in shape for life, for CrossFit, and for hunting with a bow. I train 4-5 days a week, usually 3 on, 1 off, 2 on, and 1 off. I don't want to be just fit inside a box or gym, but be fit for anything life throws at me. I don't do my own programming, that way I avoid biased training and do a variety of things including things I suck at. I try to eliminate chinks in my armor...

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