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Monday 10/12/2015 1. 5-4-3-2-1 Box Back Squats with #80 Chains #165+ chains, 195 plus chains, 215 plus chains, 245 plus chains, 265 plus chains Chains add weight as you stand up out of the hole maximizing time under tension on the concentric contraction. 2. 5x3 Strict Shoulder Press #115,125,135,140,145 3. Good Mornings 5x5 #115,125,135,140,145 4. 50 Hang Squat Cleans For Time. Start with and EMOM x lateral bar burpees #135 | 4:40 5. EMOM for 12 minutes station 1 - :30 sec max cal row 15,16,15,15 station 2 - 10 GHD Sit-ups station 3 - :30 second Hollow rocks. Tuesday...

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This is the last week of final preparation for hunting. There is a little bit of taper, smart rest, and active recovery. I don't want to lose focus on dominating the mountains, each day we inch closer to the opener. This is what I have been training for all damn year. Monday August 24th, 2015 1. EMOM x1 Snatch 0-3 #135 4-7 #155 8-11 #175 12-15 #155 2. Font Squat x3 + 1 Jerk #155,195,215,230,245 no misses. 3. 12-9-6 For Time: Hang Squat Cleans #155 Strict Ring Dips 3:00 **Hiked 3 miles with #50 pack / swapped memory cards /...

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