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Arizona Recap: Late season Arizona archery elk is a extremely difficult hunt. I would give it a 9 out 10 on a scale of difficulty. It's a 20 hour drive from my house to the unit I hunted. I drove it straight on the way down, literally only stopping for gas and bathroom breaks. A personal best. Opening day found me surrounded by hunters at my designated glassing spot. I pulled out after watching two hunters drop down the canyon after big bulls. I set up a new camp on top of a rim that stretches several miles. I stayed...

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Last minute trip items purchased this week: Dark Energy Poseidon $99 off Amazon Mountain House Tub of 10 Meals $65 Amazon Camo Cloth Tape $6 - taped my tripods to make them a little more concealed 1 Extra Battery for my Go Pro 4 Hero $20 Other Note Worthy Events: Interviewed with District 8 Fire Department, an oral board. Have no clue how I did. Studying for another Fire test next week before my trip departure to AZ. Hit up the Range several times. Grocery shopped for the trip to AZ. Went to a concert with my wife: FFDP and...

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