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never miss a monday

never miss a monday

1. back squat 3x5 75% #275 (hips were tight from all the hiking)
2. clean & jerk axle bar emom for 5 min #220
3. weighted lunge 3x5/leg #145 (heavier than last week) superset with banded good mornings rogue green band 3x5
4. for time:
1,000m row (3:50) + 15 power cleans axle bar #135
500m row + 12 power cleans axle bar #185
250m row + 9 power cleans axle bar #205

Wrist is still pretty banged up, just have to keep playing it smart. This weekend we set up 4 baits in really hard to get to places. I hiked about 8 miles looking for sheds, even saw a bull still packing one side but got totally skunked on sheds and bear sightings - no bear scat or peels yet either. This week the bears will come out of hiding and I will bomb run up for a quick weekday spot and stalk hunt.

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