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1. 3x5 Front Squat 75% #245 (no rack, squat cleaned first rep, felt good)
2. 3x5 Snatch Pulls 90% #205 (my hands about ripped off)
3. 3x3 Halting Snatch Deadlift (mid-thigh) 85% #185 - these felt easy
4. 3x8 GHD Raises - hamstring pump
5. Tabata 8 rounds 20sec work, 10sec rest at each station, 1 min rest b/t stations:
score is lowest rep round...
Med Ball Squat Clean Thrusters to 10' Target #40 - 5
Kettlebell Swings #94 - 5
Box Jumps 30" - 6
Lateral Burpees Over Bar - 6
Row (calories) - 6
800m run cool down

The workouts posted for the 2014 CrossFit Regionals so far have been in my wheel-house, so bummed I'm choosing not to compete, but it's the best decision for the time now... house just sold, moving all our stuff into a storage unit, moving into an apartment, put an offer in on a short sale, getting ready for the empire classic competition, and cheering on the our boxes' regional team - did I mention my wife is 7 months pregnant and brought home a puppy a few weeks back. Like I always tell my wife, God gives us only what we can handle, and with all this going on, I know her and I can past the test of faith. We refuse to rely on our own power, and must continue to pray together on the daily.

Tomorrow I'm bomb running to North Idaho for an evening/morning hunt for bears after work - with the 70 degree weather I have to imagine the bears will be out, and I know so many spots to sit and glass, chances are I'll be making a stalk in less than 24 hours. It's 100 mile drive one way, but I like that - I like things that are hard and that others wont' do. In the morning I'll check a few baits, pull some cards if need be and perhaps hang some stands. Plenty to do, and plenty more to be thankful for.

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