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Muscle Up Biathlon

Muscle Up Biathlon
Coached 4 classes tonight - had folks working their butts off, so rewarding! I was able to do a photo shoot with my daughter and my niece at Manito park, then I bombed up to my WA deer spot and swapped cards and fed the deer. Trained for like two hours today with my homeboy Cliffy, pretty much living the dream, thank you Lord. 1. "Muscle Up Biathlon" 18 muscle-ups + 400m Run 15 muscle-ups + 400m Run 12 muscle-ups + 400m Run ***any broken reps result in a 200m run penalty 12:10 > I broke the first round up 12 & 6, the rest was unbroken. 2. High Hang Snatch - working on some new technique for me, it's coming along. #155 1-1-1-1 #165 1-1-1 3. Snatch Grip Deadlift 3x3 #225 - keep your friggin chest up dude! 4. Dynamic Effort High Bar Back Box Squats (12" box) 5x3 #155 plus #120 chains

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