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1st day of winter and it's sunny out - wow, what a marvelous day.

Ok, so I tested out a swim workout, holy shit I suck at swimming, I mean pretty bad...good news though, I got a few passes to the health club so I'm going to geek out on youtube vids and try to improve my efficiency.

1) 5x5 Power Snatches 80% #150
2) 5x5 Back Squat (of 5 rep max) 80% #255
3) 10 minute AMRAP
60 Dubz
25 Wall Ball Shots #30
6 Unbroken Muscle Ups
3 Rounds + dubz + 25 WB

4) Push Press 3x3, 3x2, 1x1
#225 for a single.
5) 12 minute AMRAP
30 Dubz
200m Run
60' HS Walk
5 Rounds + HS Walk

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