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Left Over Footage...

Left Over Footage...
Here's some footage from the week long bear hunt in Idaho... 3 weeks out from Fittest in the Park - my partner is Coach Bash who works at CFSV This little competition gives more juice to the daily workout grind, having a competition keeps you humble and hungry, a must! Meantime, waiting for Avery to come into this world, momma's due date is early July; so pumped. Fall is just around the corner, headed to Cabela's this Friday to pick up my non-resident elk tag (archery), then will head up to the mountains for some firewood getting and more elk scouting. STRENGTH 1. Power Snatch + Overhead Squat (75% of power snatch) 4X1+4 EMOM #155 2. Hollow Rock Accumulate 4 Minutes Total 3. Handstand Walks and Handstand Holds - 60' / 120' / 120' WOD FOR TIME: 21-15-9 Power Snatch (135) 400 Meter Run 10:22

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