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Competition Brings Out The Best In Me

Competition Brings Out The Best In Me
Came back from Idaho after 4 days out in the field. My dad almost stroked a bull at 8 yards and I had a brief encounter with a 3x4 rag bull, I actually spent most of my time not calling and sitting in close on one of the herd bulls I am after. I named him "Diablo" because his bugle is slightly demonic, but also really cool. He's a 5x6 that doesn't have thirds, pretty much a unique bull that is super smart. I am targeting him because he bugles enough for me to slip in and he lives in an area that I feel confident in the topography and vegetation that a shot can and will materialize. He doesn't make mistakes, but I am hoping I can catch him on a day that he'll be vocal and pushing his cows. Tomorrow I will try to settle the score at O'dark thirty when I park at the trailhead and hike up to him. We also ran into some other hunters in a special place I hunt, these guys were not stoked about our spike camp being in the heart of elk hunting, which I can appreciate. After a heated discussion, we are going to move our camp back out in order to appease them and keep everyone happy. If you think you have a honey hole in Idaho that no one else know's about, you're fooling yourself. Bowhunter's are passionate people and they can let their emotions get the best of them. If you have a disagreement with a fellow sportsmen, remember that we must stay united, there are more folks against us than for us, we have to be brethren. It's hard when there's competition on elk, but I use it as a tool to go to the next level... Hike in further, come in at an angle that is a great idea, but physically daunting to do. Wake up earlier, call a little less, be a little more stealthy, and keep your cards a little closer. Competition brings out the best in me, end of story. Here's my one CrossFit workout for the week, and I'm already hella sore from it: 1. Pause High Bar Back Squats (Triples) #115,165,215,245,265,275,280 2. EMOM for 7 Minutes Squat Cleans (Triples) #200,200,200,210,210,220,230 3. 150' HS Walks 4. 15 UB Muscle Ups 5. 200 yd plate push, 1:53

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