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YO - I AM WRECKED from this past weekend. The competition leaderboard can be found here on the link. bd_row In total we did 5 Workouts... 2nd place on the rowing/chipper - felt good and stuck to our game plane. 12th place on the snatch elevator - that was on me, I missed my #205 lift, no excuses. 7th place on the 3rd event which I named the "mobility" wod due to movements like 1arm OH Squats and weighted pistols. 11th place on the swim event which was actually a bit of surprise - all the dudes could swim pretty damn well. That was my 4th time in a pool ever swimming laps so I'll take it, but know this, swimming is going to be a part of my weekly training schedule. We cut :35 seconds off of our practice time so that was good. 6th place on event #5, we were in 8th place going into this workout, we got 6th and thought for sure that we'd hold our ground in placing and make the final cut of top 8 teams, we ended up in 9th place by one point and so our weekend was over. It was good to compete again at that competition, many great athletes didn't get an invite so that is an honor. I was definitely playing hurt, but made it out of there alright. I still have a lingering sinus infection, a pulled glute medius, QL, and erector. I am doing my best to heal up and get ready for the 2015 open. Remember, no one cares - work harder. 01/14/15 1) 10 rounds for time: 2 power snatches #155 8 hspu 12:12 2) 3 Rounds for total time: 20 wall ball shots #30 20 KBS #70 :90s rest 7:20

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