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Stan  |  SKU: STAN0006-EGRY-L


$279.99 USD

Color: Grey


The Stan OnneX Thumb Release is designed with legacy features that archers need to have built into their shooting system. With the ability to seamlessly change between three handle types, the Stan OnneX Thumb Release offers variety to archers, while still maintaining anchor points and peep height. The open hook design provides consistent and accurate lateral nock travel, and the STAN Trainer lock feature allows you to practice trigger activation without firing.

Large is probably the best fit for 80% of customers.***

The Stanislawski OnneX Thumb Release features an extremely crisp thumb trigger and the ability to configure 2, 3, and 4 finger shooting options. This well built release provides loads of adjustability and adaptability to your shooting style while providing unmatched accuracy and consistency. Archers can quickly change the release between 2, 3, and 4 finger configurations via a simple 5/64” screw. The included Stan trainer locking screws allows the user to disable the actual firing mechanism while still being able to use the trigger. This is a great feature for initially setting up the release and extended practice in real work conditions. The OnneX releases are designed with legacy features bow hunters must have built into a complete shooting system. The OnneX is available in multiple sizes to fit any hunters hand comfortably. Each OnneX handle will allow the bow hunter to change between one of the three handle types without having to change their anchor point or peep height. 

  • Loop retainer allows connection to your bow with the single open hook, while keeping your release connected
  • Crisp breaking activation with both independent trigger travel and trigger tension adjustments
  • Change between one of the 3 handle types: thumb button, back tension & resistance
  • Open hook design for consistent and accurate lateral nock travel
  • STAN Trainer Lock to practice trigger activation without firing
  • 2 barrel sizes: small and large
  • Shot as a two-finger, three-finger, or four-finger all with one button head screw adjustment with a 5/64" Allen key
  • 2 barrel posts: long and short