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Last Chance Archery  |  SKU: LAST0001-OS


$40.00 USD


Includes NEW Arrow Holder

Supreme accuracy means knowing the exact weight of every component of your arrow build.  This is the easiest to use scale on the market and will help you narrow down your top arrows to put in your quiver before the next hunt or tournament.


Checking arrow weight, broadhead weight, fletching weight up to 3,000 grains.  The backlit display makes this scale easy to read and is even touch screen controlled. For the price, this is a must have item for all archers.


  • New" arrow holder attachment
  • Measurement units: New "ounce" function, grains, grams, carats and penny weight
  • Durable and convenient touch screen
  • Digital LED display
  • Auto Calibration
  • Auto turn off after 60 seconds
  • Precise and accurate