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ElkShape Stabilizer Kit

$299.00 USD


I'm a huge fan of running AAE Mountain Series stabilizers.  The Mountain Series Stabilizer is designed as a hunter’s stabilizer. This series of stabilizers is an ultra-light, micro diameter stabilizer to reduce wind drift while maintaining stiffness. They have a revolutionary internal vibration dampening material to kill residual frequencies before it reaches the bow. There is a 3-oz weight that comes on it. 

The Single mount with Quick Disconnect is a tapered engagement that offers maximum surface area contact for the ultimate in security while using 7075 aluminum to provide the most rigid connection to the bow possible. AAE’s new proprietary BLS (Bolt Lock System) automatically micro drives the parts out when the user loosens the bolt. The BLS prevents the unwanted seizing or binding common with anodization allowing the user to quickly and easily make minute adjustments. Laser etched reference marks have been added to both axes to monitor the finest of movements. The recessed mounting hole makes for a clean finished look when mounted.

Here's what the kit includes:

  • 12" Front with 3 ounces
  • 8" Back with 3 ounces
  • Single Mount Quick Disconnect Gripper for Back Bar
  • Quick Disconnect Gripper Single with 10° Drop for Front Bar