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Podium  |  SKU: sku-44058901053615


$59.99 USD



  • Bone Evading Advanced Spring Technology (BEAST): Features blades that retract and redeploy when encountering bone, preserving sharpness and kinetic energy for unmatched penetration.
  • Fastest Opening Blades: Capable of deploying at speeds over 940 mph, ensuring quick and effective impact.
  • Premium Materials: Incorporates German LUTZ blades with superior edge retention and a durable 7075 Aluminum ferrule, designed for high performance and accuracy.
  • Innovative Blade Retention System:Utilizes a band-free, collar-free design with stainless steel locking components to eliminate noise and ensure reliability.
  • Designed for Versatility: Compatible with crossbows and effective with lower poundage bows, assembled and rigorously tested in the USA.