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Tuesday Volume Overload

Tuesday Volume Overload
1. "Primer" Death By: 20 Double Unders 20 yard shuttle run ***add 10 dubz and 10 yards each minute score - 70dubz + 5 shuttles 2. Power Snatch Doubles every :30seconds 60% #135 for 8 rounds 3. 1 set, max effort unbroken wall ball shots #30 10' target - 50 reps 4. 1 sets 5 pause squats (5 count) + max effort squats #225 - 12 reps 5. 20 minute amrap of: 800m run 10 chest to bar pull-ups 20 step ups 20" box #95 bar in front rack 100 yard plate push 2 rounds + 800m run + 3 pull-ups Pictured: Working out with Chase Naccarato since he was a pup, he's a slot receiver at University of Montana going into his junior year, he has 2 more years to dominate Division 1AA football. Go Griz and good luck Chase. You're future is bright and I am so proud of you! gogriz

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