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August 31st,2015 1. Establish a heavy Snatch #135,155,175,185,195,205 2. Establish a heavy C&J #185,215,235,255,265 3. 5x10 Back Squats climbing #185,205,225,245,265 4. EMOM for 8 Minutes x5 Muscle Ups with #10 Vest Hiked with #40 pack in the mountains. Ready for the opener tomorrow evening. September 1st, 2015 1. Deadlift #235x10, #285x5, #335x3 2. Reverse Hypers 4x15 #225 3. Push Press 5x5 #155 technique work and bar path. 4. GHD Raises 3x5 5. 3x10 Dumbbell Strict Shoulder Press #40's Ready for a rest day, those squats really got me on Monday. I hope to arrow a big bear or big buck...

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