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Day 3 in the mountains produced a 3 bear day, I hunted from about 4pm until dark, rode 75 miles just glassing and looking for sign. I glassed up a BIG sow and cub in one canyon. I also found a blonde/cinnamon boar in a great place for a stalk at last light. I got to 51 yards and just filmed him. He's big from far, but far from big. No sheds, checked my bait, no hits, and could not make it into my honey hole yet, just too much snow. Next week I should be able to get there...

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Today's HORRIBLE Training Day: 1. Weakness warm-up Run 1 mile 6:14 2. Met-Con 20-10-5 Bar facing burpees Power snatch 135/95lbs 8:09 3. OLY EMOM for 6 Rounds 3 Back squat @70% #285 4. Interval Work 5 Rounds AMRAP 1 Minute 10 Strict HSPU (use 15.4 standard) Max distance row in remaining time Rest 1 Minute AMRAP 1 Minute 10 OHS 155/105lbs Max distance row in remaining time Rest 1 Minute 90 Total Calories.

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