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Monday 4/15/19 Squat 3x5 warm-up, then 5 at 75% 260#, 3 at 85% 305#, 1 at 95% 330 (got 3 reps) For Time: 100' 1 arm Overhead DB 50# Walking Lunges, then 22-16-10 of GHD Sit-ups, Bike Cals, Strict Handstand Push-up, then 100' 1 arm Overhead DB 50# Walking Lunges | 13:04 3 sets of max effort bar muscle ups with :30 rest 10-8-5 Took the Mrs. out for spring turkey, here's the hunt: Tuesday 4/16/19 3 Squat Cleans (floor to mid thigh pause 2 sec, floor to knee pause 2 sec, full), 3 sets 195# Posterior Chain SMASH: Banded...

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Partner Spotlight: onXmaps Alright so I completely missed week 10. I was sick with the FLU for about a week long and rarely got out of bed. I believe I lost about 15 pounds from not having an appetite and sweating from an ongoing fever, but it feels kind of good to be back upright. This week was super hard to train, but I managed to get my bow pulled back a handful of times and got some training in. Meanwhile, we sold our home, bought a home, and moved all in a week. Don't ask me how because I...

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