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Monday 3/18/19 Front Squat Double Plus Back Squat Triple | 7 sets climbing, ended at 275# Box Step-ups 4x5 each leg, 24" box, 40#'s Dumbbells each hand 10 Ring Dips Strict superset 12 Pistols alternating and 20 GHD Hip Back Extensions, 3 rounds. Every 4:00 for 5 rounds: 9 burpee box jumps 24", 15 front squats DB's 50#'s, 21 calorie assault bike | 18:40 Tuesday 3/19/19 2 Rounds of: :30s Handstand Hold against wall, :60s 1 arm KB Overhead hold each arm 53#, :90s dBall Hold (bear hug) 150# 4 sets of 10 reps strict pull-ups plus 1 set of...

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13 trail cameras out in my elk areas, I chose to put cameras on water or on ridge line game trails. Five cameras are dedicated one single drainage for one particular bull that I have not hunted very hard. In fact, I cannot confirm that he's alive still, but last year he was in the 340's-350's which is stellar for an over-the-counter public land unit in Idaho. The other 8 cameras cover about 4 other drainages so I can find out who's who in the zoo. While scouting this weekend I glassed up zero bulls but did manage to phoneskope...

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