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How To Get An Elk Tag (or two!) Every Year -Dan Staton I am not an expert when it comes to drawing elk tags, but you can bet that I will have at least a couple of elk tags in my pocket every fall. Every state manages their elk numbers independently, and they all have their own way of allocating tags through a draw process, so you have to be a research junkie to sift through each states’ ever-changing proclamations to figure out the best way to get the tag you want. In this article I am going to attempt...

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Highlights of the week: *NO on HR-621! The unity of sportsmen and our loud voices made a huge difference in shutting down the sell-off of our PRECIOUS public lands. *Job offer to be a part-time firefighter for District 8 in Valleyford, WA *Bought my wife a new bow, 2016 Defiant. Monday 1/30/17 1. 3 position snatches #75,105,125,135,165 2. Snatch singes #165,185,195,185 3. Halting Snatch Pulls 4x3 #205 4. Power Jerks x3 #135,135,155,175,185,205,205,185 5. Back Squats x3 #185,225,255,285, then 4x2 #305 6. 21-15-9 Squat snatches #115 and chest to bar pull-ups | 7:15 7. EMOM for 10 Minutes ODD: GHDSU (add...

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