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Monday 3/21/2017 1. 17.4 REDO - 1 round + 4 reps 2. Snatches hang climbing (at knee) #95-195 3. Back Squats #265 4x4 Tuesday 3/22/2017 1. 5 rounds of high hang squat clean + low hang squat clean + 2 jerks #215 2. For time: 500m Row 50 DB Thrusters #50's 30 Chest to Bar pull-ups 500m Row | 8:24 Wednesday 3/23/2017 1. OHS 5x2 with 5 second pause in bottom | #135,165,185,195,205 2. 6 minute AMRAP 10 power cleans #135 10 box jump overs 24" | 5 rounds + 5 reps Thursday & Friday 3/24/17 and 3/25/17 All day...

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Anyone coming across this training portion of ELKSHAPE just please be aware that this is what I do to stay in shape for life, for CrossFit, and for hunting with a bow. I train 4-5 days a week, usually 3 on, 1 off, 2 on, and 1 off. I don't want to be just fit inside a box or gym, but be fit for anything life throws at me. I don't do my own programming, that way I avoid biased training and do a variety of things including things I suck at. I try to eliminate chinks in my armor...

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