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Monday July 27th, 2015 I got some 24 hour stomach flu, slept about 20 hours while forcing fluids and battling a high tempature. Tuesday July 28th, 2015 Shot at the gym, 30 yards, 5 arrows, 3 field points, and 2 broad heads slick trick deep six magnum 100 grain. 1. 3x5 Hands on Hips Squat Jumps 2. 3x4 Muscle Snatch #95,95,115,115 3. Off Blocks Snatch Pull x2 + Power Snatch x2 + Full sntach #115,135,135,145 4. Clean Deadlift x2 + Clean Just off floor + Front Squat + Jerk #185,205,215,220 5. Clean Just off the floor x2 + Jerk #220,...

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