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Last minute trip items purchased this week: Dark Energy Poseidon $99 off Amazon Mountain House Tub of 10 Meals $65 Amazon Camo Cloth Tape $6 - taped my tripods to make them a little more concealed 1 Extra Battery for my Go Pro 4 Hero $20 Other Note Worthy Events: Interviewed with District 8 Fire Department, an oral board. Have no clue how I did. Studying for another Fire test next week before my trip departure to AZ. Hit up the Range several times. Grocery shopped for the trip to AZ. Went to a concert with my wife: FFDP and...

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Monday 10/24/2016 Made it to the archery range! Snatch A. 1x3 at 60% #135 B. 1x3 at 70% #155 C. 3x3 at 75% #170 *All reps are drop from the top 2. Snatch Pull A. 3x3 at 90% #200 B. 2x3 at 95% #215 3. Back Squat with Safety Squat Bar Triple at 80% #245 Single at 85% #295 Triple at 80% #245 Single at 87% #305 Triple at 80% #245 Single at 90% #315 4. Conditioning 3RFT: 500m Row 25 Burpee Box Jump Overs, 24" | 12:08 5. Gymnastics Pull Conditioning For time: Ninjas: 4x8 unbroken Muscle ups every...

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Getting back to work and leaving the elk woods in the rearview mirror ALWAYS sucks. I had such a good time elk hunting as always. It is so challenging and everything is earned. Now back to work for the month of October. I have a very cool hunting coming up in November for Arizona elk, so in the meantime I'll be hanging close to home limited on time in the outdoors. My main objective is to work hard, train hard, and shoot a ton. I still have several trail cameras to retrieve out of the mountains which will have to...

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