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Spike Camps

Spike Camps
Overlooked Logistics Before leaving town to scout I bring with me printed maps from Google Earth coupled with topography maps of the same area. You can and should get the satellite images that overlay in your GPS. When hunting public land, one of the best tools as of late is the GPS chips that show land boundary, that way you know if you're on public, private, state, BLM, and of course National Forest. This year I am even using an app on my phone called backcountry navigator where I have saved satellite imagery of the areas I hunt, that way I have a better idea of where elk are going to travel. The goal is to have a handful of elk areas to rotate from over the course of a 7-day hunt. Disperse the amount of human pressure you put on these elk spots to insure quality hunting. I've literally seen hunters pound the same spot day in and day out for an entire week, and rarely do you see any of them get blood on their hands. I set up one spike camp per drainage, that way I can hunt hard and spend little time traveling from camp to hunting ground. Set up near a creek, most of the time lower than the elk to keep scent out of the elk’s nostrils. In the morning leave camp just before light and hunt up towards the elk with the wind in your favor, mean while other public land hunters are driving their ATV's above the elk and battling unfavorable thermals while you’re making a play on the herd. The last overlooked logistic is learning the best way to access the spot once the season arrives. If you spend a few weekends in the area, you'll start to piece together the prevailing winds, the timing of thermals, and calculate how long it takes you to get to the spot from your rig. I attribute past success to areas that have limited access points, that require sweat equity to enter, and places that I’ve bankrolled many seasons in. 08/12/2014 I went to bed with a high temp again, but woke up and checked it again and it was finally normal so for me, that was a green light to at least do some strength today: 1.) Every Other Minute on the Minute Full clean x2 Plus x1 Jerk #225,225,235,245,255 2.) Back Squat EMOM 80% x4 #300 85% x1 #315 80% x4 #300 90% x1 #350 80% x4 #300 3.) 20 rep max shoulder to overhead #185x15 #175x16 That's all I had for today

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