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June Winding Down...

June Winding Down...
Below average training week to say the least, however I did shoot more than I have in the last few weeks. I feel pretty dialed. I am going with Grip Reaper broadheads (Micro Hades 3 Blade) for the season. After shooting my bear a week ago and seeing the damage, plus their low profile makes for great flight. I have one more bear tag to go and one last day to hunt this Friday, and I am trying to kill a BIG boar that is hitting my dad's bait. He's been coming in with his lady friend, hopefully he stays all week. I hunted him this last Saturday afternoon/evening and he didn't show. My dad is going to bait one more time Wednesday and hunt him Thursday, if he doesn't get him then I will go after him Friday. I was able to get 5 more cameras up for elk, got two camera cards out that were soaking all year long. I have a big bull to hunt, just have to make sure he made it and that he doesn't leave again for the rut. I only had him on camera in August and half of September, then he split for the rut. On a side note, I had another trail camera stolen, people suck. Monday 6/19/17 1. Power Snatch 3x2 65% #140 2. Snatch Pull 3x3 100% #215 3. Back Squat 3x3 70% #255 4. 7 rounds of 6 muscle ups, rest :30s b/t sets 5. 5 Rounds for time: 60 double unders 30 cal row 15 overhead squats | 26:42 Tuesday 6/20/17 1. 3 rounds of 4x200m Run, rest :20sec | rest 1:00 b/t rounds Splits: 4:44, 5:02, 4:58 total times 2. Kipping HSPU Intervals: 18 - rest 1:00 15 - rest :45 12 - rest :30 9 - rest :15 6 ...UNBROKEN SETS 3. 3 minute as many reps as possible: power snatches #155 - 19 reps rest 1 minute 3 minutes as many reps as possible: power clean and jerk #155 - 27 reps 4. For Time: 35 cal Assault Bike 800m Row 30 KB Hang Clean and Jerks #35's 20 bar facing burpees | 9:49 Wednesday 6/21/17 1. Deadlift 6x5 #155,185,230,265,305,340 2. Front Squat Dead Stop (Bottom) #155x5, 185x5, 205x5, 225x3, 245x3, 245x3 3. Bench 155x6, 185x6, 195x6, 205x6 4. Reverse Hypers 4x10 5. Conditioning: 25m Prowler #165 + 6 Dball over shoulder #150 50m Prowler + 5 Dball 75m Prowler + 4 Dball 100m Prowler + 3 Dball 125m Prowler + 2 Dball | 9:50 6. Accessory 20-15-13-12 GHD Sit-up Paired with 1arm Strict KB press #26, #35,#44, #53 6-10 each arm

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