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Fast & Furious Weekend

Fast & Furious Weekend
03/21/14 Training on Friday went like this: A quick dynamic warm-up with some mobility in the shoulder and hip. I'm battling a sprained wrist from overhead squats, a slight pull in my teres minor on my right shoulder and a tight right hip. Being 32 and training at this volume comes with the territory. After the CrossFit open comes to an end next week I plan on taking a full week off from loading and doing fun stuff like running, biking, swimming and rowing. Then time to set some new strength goals. 14.4 First Attempt: 14 minute as many reps or rounds as possible of: Here is the Link to the workout details 60 calorie row 50 toes to bar 40 wall ball shots #20 at 10' Target 30 power cleans #135 20 muscle ups Score - 1 round plus 15 calories on the rower. I will attempt this bad boy one more time on Monday. I will hit the first row a touch harder, split up the toes to bar in short sets of 5, 2 sets of wall balls, all singles on the power cleans, and hopefully bigger sets on the muscle ups so I can have more than :40 seconds at the second round of rowing. My goal is 235 which is lofty. This weekend I found a couple of sheds with my dad. We have a ATV with tracks so we could get into some nice areas. I glassed up two bulls and they were running together with all of their bone still on their heads. Both were 3-4 year old 6x6 bulls so I'll check on them next weekend. bull_horn_hunting2 We mainly glass south facing slopes with high power Vortex optics (binos and spotting scopes). We team up looking over the main travel corridors at or around 3,500 ft in elevation. rod_small_spotter The competition is pretty thick in North Idaho where we horn hunt. We covered a ton of ground, hiked some really steep drainages, and even bumped into a cougar. It was a great weekend. hotrod_shed We also came across a fresh wolf kill. It's extremely sad to see the waste of meat from a wolf kill, the main quarters and back strap not even touched. What a piece of shit animal, I hate them all. The elk sightings are down to an all time low in these parts that I elk hunt. A complete lack of common sense putting wolves into the lower 48. We cannot get rid of them, cannot manage them. Trappers can't afford to trap, the wolves are harder to trap, and they remain extremely elusive. They are apex predators that kill anything possible, not just the old and weak. They reproduce so fast and thick that they will end up eating up everything and dying off from starvation. I've watched my hunting area go from great to bad to worse. This sucks. wolf_kill_14

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