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It's A Battle

It's A Battle

About 1 month out from a big partner style CrossFit competition, it's my main motivation each day to tackle weaknesses head on. I don't want to be exposed on a big stage, nor let my partner down who's ridiculously competitive. I've had a cold for about 5 days, Monday I felt like dog shit so I forced a rest day, thus leading me to Tuesday and I just had to train. So it was a big volume day.

AM Session
1. 5x1 Snatch off blocks (at knee) #145,145,165,175,185
2. 5x1 Full Clean off blocks (at knee) #195,195,225,245,255
3. 3xME (max effort) Snatches 80% #175, rest :90sec b/t x5,x5,x4 = 14 reps
4. 5x2 Snatch Balance #205 for all sets
5. 5x2 Muscle Snatch #135 for all sets
6. 5x3 Sots Press #75 for all sets

PM Session
1. EOMOM for 4 rounds Front Squat 80% #265, b/t sets ME strict toes to bar = 41 reps
2. Max Effort Pull-ups - 45 (grip was shot)
3. 21-15-9 For Time:
Row (cal)
Power Snatches #155
Wall Ball Shots #30

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