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Back from the Mountains

Back from the Mountains
BEAR CAMP Monday and Tuesday, temps were in the high 80's so the baits were not getting hit, and spot and stalk opportunities were nonexistent. I believe the bear rut is very late this year, snow pack is record high, and so the bears are behind schedule. I suspect the high temps and full moon have the bears holding out in cool drainages and day activity is minimal. On Wednesday I got the call that my daughter broke her foot on a playground so I packed up early and came home to help out. Thursday I worked at the fire station so bear hunting was put on hold. Friday after work the whole family headed back up to the cabin. Thursday 6/8/2017 1. 6 rounds of: 10 cal assault bike 10 sumo deadlift high pull #65 5 burpees rest 1:00 2. 6 rounds of: 3 box squats (pause) #215 safety squat bar plus #80 chains 10 dumbbell bench press #70's Friday 6/9/2017 1. 16 minute you go I go with a partner: 10 snatches 30 double unders snatch loads climbs each round: #75,95,115,135,155,175 2. 4 rounds of PROWLER push 50 meters #275 Saturday I took the family on a ATV ride and we got rained out. The clouds broke in the afternoon so I headed up to check my bait, it still hasn't been hit. I spent the evening glassing up real high where I could see some deep dark canyons and with an hour of daylight left I spotted a blonde cinnamon bear at the bottom. I hopped on my bike, road about 5 miles and cut the distance in half. With 30 minutes left, I dropped a 1,000 feet and was at the bottom of the canyon with the wind in my face. I creeped up to 40 yards and the bear started acting funny. I ranged the bear and made the shot, didn't get a pass through due to the angle, but the bear cartwheeled down the hill and hit its stride running right past me. I gathered up all my gear and tracked the blood for about a half mile as the bear lost a ton of blood. The bear crossed the creek and expired within earshot. I took a few pics, skinned the bear, deboned meat and packet it out of that hell hole. I got back to my back at midnight and rolled into camp at 1am. It was an epic spot and stalk evening. The bear isn't huge, but is absolutely gorgeous. I am proud of this bear and the effort it took to make it happen. All glory to God.

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