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April is Here

April is Here
  • Snatch From Blocks (4x3) From the Top of the Knee ("Power Position"), reset each rep quickly #155.  1 min rest b/t efforts.  Shoulders are beat up, and wrist is about 60%, but I know it will be better soon.
  • EMOM (every minute on the minute) for 5 minutes x2 Front Squat #275 + 7 strict pull-ups
  • Conditioning: For Time: 50 Wall Ball Shots #20 10 Power Clean #155 75 Air Squats 10 Push Jerks #155 50 Pull Ups 10 Push Jerks #155 75 Air Squats 10 Power Cleans #155 50 Wall Ball Shots 20 - 15:04
  • Here is how to HOOK GRIP

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