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03/25/2014 Today for me was a mid volume session knowing that tomorrow I'll be doing active rest on the AirDyne, Rower, and Sled Pushes. I will also get to go to the local Archery Range for 3D practice... here is todays: 1. 4 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of: 10 calorie row + 10 Thrusters #105.  3 rounds complete. 2.  3 rounds for total reps of: #175 unbroken max effort push jerks + :60s rest + :60 second max burpee box jump overs 24" + :60s rest. 47 burpee box jump overs and 26 push jerks   3. 3 minute amrap x3 with 2minutes of rest between amraps of: 10 kettlebell swings #70 + 10 burpees to 6" target 2+13, 2+13, 2+14

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