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 We are discussing Dan's September Elk Bender - this annual episode covers the ups and downs of elk hunting. #ElkShape   Listeners of the ElkShape Podcast Exclusives: 💢 Discount Codes 💢 BORN PRIMITIVE- - 10% Off Code: ELKSHAPE  CANVAS CUTTER - 10% Off Code: ELKSHAPE  WILDERNESS ATHLETE | 20% Off Code: ELKSHAPE2023  VORTEX WEAR | 20% Off Code: ELKSHAPE BLACK OVIS | 10% Off Code: ELKSHAPE SHEEPFEET | 10% Off Code: ELKSHAPE onXhunt ELITE Membership | 20% Off Code: ELKSHAPE  FATTY SMOKED MEATS | 10% Off Code: ELKHUNTER   CrossOver Symmetry | 20% Off Code: ELKSHAPE STEALTH CAM | 20% Off Code (non-cellular): ELKSHAPE20  MAGVIEW | 10% Off Code: ELKSHAPE  TRUMEDIC | 10% Off Code: ELKSHAPE PEAX EQUIP | 10% Off Code:...

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For our 50th episode we brought on a living legend!  I'm honored to have none other than Larry D. Jones on today's show.  Larry is a member of the bowhunting hall of fame, a pioneer when it comes to elk calling and hunting.  He's probably forgot more than I will ever know about hunting elk, so you're in for a great episode. I met Larry in 2008, we hunted two seasons in a row and he taught me a lot.  We get a chance to go over how he got started into the elk call business, the early days of...

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