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Today is a really fun episode and might make you think about not only your current arrow setup, but possibly how to create more opportunity for yourself financially.   We are recording this podcast in Tennessee with a few friends that helped out with ElkShape Camp.  Brandon McDonald has a fantastic YouTube channel, Jimmy has a new venture in backcountry medicine, Willie is an absolute archery geek, Jeff Bynum is my personal financial advisor, and Dirk Durham to keep things light and fun, enjoy! ElkShape Camps 2021 Listeners of the ElkShape Podcast Exclusives: The Elk Collective - $25 off our Digital...

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Chris Jackson is a die hard elk hunter from Southeast Washington.  He's also the owner of Solvid camera systems that allow you to self film your own hunts.  We also learn about his run in with the Meateater Inc. crew while elk hunting in Washington state.  This is a fun episode chalked full of little nuggets of elk knowledge bombs.  You can watch the Meateater Inc. episode we refer to via Netflix, Season 8, Episode 2. Here's the Meateater Podcast where they talk about the hunt referenced in the show. Solvid Elk Hunt Video Solvid Website - Call to action -...

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