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Today I am recording with fellow Washingtonian Spencer Trippe of Off Grid Food Co. We chat elk hunting for Roosevel on the Westside of Washington, how he got into elk hunting and then transition to his backcountry food company. I go over his meal options and their macrontrient breakdowns. We look deeper into his ingredients and how they might bolster performance. ElkShape is obsessed with better performance and better hunting. We've brought on other food companies before and we go into these interviews with an open mind and try to understand how these foods can benefit us when we're at...

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So long Mountain House! Wait, what? Yes, I want all of you to consider just what is in a Mountain House or other freeze dried meals. Usually a ridiculous amount of sodium and preservatives that allow them to not have an expiration date. A lot of the dinners, which is primiarly what I use them for contain upwards of 200 grams of carbohydrates if you eat the whole bag. By the way, who doesn't eat the entire bag? The protein sources amongst other ingredients are not ideal. If we truly are preparing to hunt our best, feel our best, then...

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