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Today we are recording with COO of REP FITNESS Jon Little.  Jon attended our first ever ElkShape Camp 3 years ago and since then has been putting multiple elk down each season.  He's also stepped up his fitness game getting into the best shape of his life.  We talk to Jon about his best practices, dive into created the best garage gym and how to maximize your hunt. Check out the lineup for the 2022 ElkShape Camp Season!  We just launched our Early Bird prices: eScouting with Mark Livesay Broadhead tuning with Ironwill Bill Mental toughness with me Elk vocalizations...

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Today we're getting to know Trail Kreitzer from Cedar City, Utah.  Trail works for and is a gear junkie!  We revisit his 2019 hunting adventures, break down his approach to archery hunting, and we finish with some great intel on the Wyoming and Arizona Elk draw application strategy. Follow Trail on Instagram Listeners of the ElkShape Podcast Exclusives: The Elk Collective - $25 off our Digital Elk Hunting Course - elkshapepodcast Wilderness Athlete 30% off your first purchase, discount code elkshape30   Vortex Wear - elkshape - 20% off Apparel Pnuma Outdoors - elkshape20 - 20% off first order Bakcou eBikes - elkshape - $300 off any bike order Northwest Retention Systems - elkshape - ElkShape Scout...

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Adam Grenda is living his dream!  He's a pilot for the US Government in Alaska, and lives in King Salmon.  He moved there from Idaho a few years back with his wife.  Since then he's made a life for himself, including purchasing his own plane and going on some epic Alaskan adventures.  His wife and friends have hunted for wolves, caribou, moose, sheep and bears.   Adam and I met in Arizona a few years back on a late season archery elk hunt where he harvested his first branched antlered bull with a bow defying the odds.  He's a total stud...

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