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Podium Archer  |  SKU: sku-43209252405423

UV Slider™

$599.99 USD



Discover the UV Slider™, the premier bowhunting sight designed for top performance.

The UV Slider™ package includes: UV3XL™ SE, 140-yard sight tapes, a compact travel case, a white Viz Ring, a No-Light Cap, and pre-installed batteries.

Crafted with improved ergonomics for exceptional functionality, the UV Slider™ sets a new standard in sliding sights. Features such as DualDial™, TripleMark™, and QuickBreak™ ensure unmatched precision, keeping you focused during crucial moments.

DualDial™ Ergonomics: Featuring a concentric dial design with zero backlash and an optimized gear ratio, DualDial™ allows for smooth and effortless adjustments with a single turn. It also includes strategically placed locks for easy adjustment of elevation and windage, making it the most user-friendly sight adjustment system available.

TripleMark™: This innovative system pairs unified pins and indicators, transforming every pin into a floating pin for precision at any distance. The ultra-fine indicator pins are positioned close to the tape to enhance accuracy.

QuickBreak™: Enables quick disassembly of the sight and scope unit from the vertical rail, simplifying travel and cleaning for those long, rugged hunts.

Experience the UV Slider™ and elevate your bowhunting with unparalleled accuracy and ease.