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Podium  |  SKU: sku-41576315748527

Tooth of the Arrow S-SERIES Broadheads (Multiple Point Sizes & Weights) 3-packs

$43.98 USD $44.99

Point & Weight



Our solid-series broadheads are available in both 1-inch and 1-3/16-inch.

With our solid-series, we created a broadhead with even better penetration than our vented-series, and greater durability.

The solid-series is perfect for any hunter who values durability and penetration.

Like the vented-series the compact ferrule provides field point accuracy, and the 4-blade design allows for a maximum cut without sacrificing flight.

Every Tooth of the Arrow broadhead comes sharp right out of the pack, giving you the confidence to take your hunt to the next level.


*Rated to 470+ fps*
Like all Tooth of the Arrow Broadheads, our 1-inch s-series is fully machined and made in the USA.

Our 4-blade fixed broadhead design includes a shorter ferrule for unsurpassed flight, heat-treated for ultimate durability, and sharpened at 45-degrees for maximum sharpness.

The 1-inch s-series broadhead is specifically designed for incredible accuracy at any distance.
The solid blade design adds increased durability and eliminates all noise in flight.
Perfect for maximum penetration or large game animals like elk or moose. 
At Tooth of the Arrow, we have designed every aspect of our broadheads for a specific purpose. The result is a true fixed blade broadhead that provides you with more confidence in the field when it matters the most. 

Cutting diameter

1 inch

Number of blades

4 blade fixed



Heat Treat

Through hardened to Rc45


Black Oxide

Angle of cutting edge

45 Degrees (included)

Penetrating Point

Chisel point design

Weight Location

Over 80% within the diameter
of the arrow shaft


Low profile design (more aerodynamic)

Unique Features

One-piece construction (Blades and body are machined from one solid bar of steel)

Country of Origin

100% U.S. made in our facility


Product Comments:

"Great flying heads, tough! Watch out whitetails this fall. These and the v series will be in my quiver!"

"As a quality professional for 35 years, I recognize quality workmanship when I see it. Great job. Looking forward using the one inch broadhead for the upcoming spring turkey season in Tennessee."