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Podium Archer  |  SKU: sku-43264910065839

TAC Vanes .5 oz Glue & .34 oz Primer Pen Kit

$20.99 USD


Perfect for any archer looking to build their own arrows. The TAC Vanes Primer Pen and Glue kit make it easy to fletch consistent arrows, improving your accuracy. For best performance, use this glue kit in conjunction with TAC Vanes.

  • Pair with TAC vanes for unparalleled fuse between vane and shaft
  • Creates a secure bond in five seconds
  • Ultra fine bottle tip allows for excellent control of flow
  • Industry leading shelf life with no storage requirements
  • Cyanoacrylates are compatible with most vane materials as well as feathers
  • Size: .5 oz bottle
  • Cleans base of the vane to ensure maximum adhesion to arrow shaft
  • Speeds up the set and cure time of CA type adhesives
  • Use every time you fletch for consistent results arrow after arrow
  • Size: .34 oz

Adhesion guaranteed when used in conjunction with TAC Vanes