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Podium Archer  |  SKU: sku-42614063562927

Stan Onnex clicker release! shot IQ Joel Turner

$328.99 USD



This is the all new Stan Onnex clicker thumb! this release is designed perfectly for the person who wants to go through a shot sequence correctly! focusing on making a perfect release every time! The OnneX platform is a culmination of over 50 years of growth and experience. The platform consists of the new clicker thumb,Thumb, Hinge, and Resistance releases. Each release shares the same handle, hook placement, and point of impact. This platform allows for you to have the same consistent, comfortable feel through every release type.

“The new OnneX Clicker is a completely new evolution of using a thumb button. Working with Joel Turner of Shot IQ, we were able to create the best combination of a thumb button with the huge benefits of a click. The proven Shot IQ techniques to calm the aiming and shooting process work perfectly with the OnneX Clicker!”