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Week 20 | 2019

Week 20 | 2019

Monday 5/13/19

  1. Box Squats 12" Box 68% x 5 236#, 78% x3 275#, 88% 2x1 305#
  2. GHD Raises 4x8
  3. Reverse Hypers 4x12
  4. 21-15-9 For Time: Deadlift 185#, Bar Facing Burpees, Thrusters 95# | 8:12

Tuesday 5/14/19

  1. EMOM 6: Snatch Complex of Snatch Pull, Squat Snatch, Hang Squat Snatch, Squat Snatch | 135#
  2. EMOM 6: Snatch Singles | 135-185#
  3. Snatch Pulls 5x3 215#
  4. 7 MIN AMRAP: 10 power snatches 75#, 8 toes to bar, 36 doubler unders | 5 rounds + 6 reps
  5. 2k Row for time | 7:37

Wednesday 5/15/19

  1. For Time: 50 cal bike, 50 pull-ups, 50 wall ball shots, 50 handstand push-ups, 500m Sled 90# | 22:18

Thursday 5/16/19 - Sunday 5/19/29

Bear Hunting in Idaho! I have 3 bear baits, all are being hit, one shooter out of probably 15 bears. I got rained out for 2 days so I had two sits over bait, my shooter came in but didn't eat, and I didn't get a shot. I did some spot and stalk as well during the day and found a good bear. I dropped a canyon, crossed a roaring creek and made it to the other side in great time with a solid wind. When I got to 74 yards of the feeding bear, two small cubs popped out and I knew it was a sow. This happens more than I'd like to admit. I glassed this bear for easily 30 minutes on the other side and didn't see her cubs, in fact she looked like a solo boar to me. Even after killing close to 20 bear I still find it hard to tell a sow from a boar that far away. It was awesome exercise, fun to stalk and one of the more nasty canyons a guy could navigate. I hope to make it out next week if I can get all my adulting done!

I only sit my stand the last 2 hours of light - rest of the day is spot and stalk.
Small 4 pt probably just dropped - walked up on it while making a stalk.

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