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September comes and goes each year in a blink of an eye! I will try to do a brief recap, but I do have a lot of video captured that needs to be edited, I am patiently waiting for Final Cut Pro to render a lot of it, then I will get it up on YouTube. The first week of September I stayed home and worked. I scouted a lot this summer for a chance at an early season whitetail mountain buck, I had 3 potential shooters on camera, so I sat a stand on evenings that I didn't work....

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The official start to the 2016 CrossFit Games season. Either as a coach or athlete, I'm going to the games this year! Here's what I did for the week training wise... I shot almost everyday, really hammering blind bale shooting at home and focusing on shot execution with my new set-up. I have the Trophy Taker Quivalizer and Option 6 Sight, lookout! Monday 2/22/2016 1. Snatch 3x1 80% #175, 5x1 85% #185, 3x1 80% #175 2. Establish a heavy OHS Squat with a 10 second pause in the bottom | #135,185,215,235 3. Back Squat 2x10 | #295,300 4. 3 Rounds...

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Elk Shape -Dan Staton Has fatigue ever plagued your elk hunt? If you’re being honest, it probably has. Fatigue makes cowards of us all. All elk hunting is hard. Whether private ranch or public ground, elk simply do not want to die, and they reside in areas that do not get disturbed. Wherever you find elk, no question you had to hike to get to them. After a few days of elevation gains, swirly mountain air, and rubber wearing off your boots, fatigue sets in and the coward begins to speak up. Fatigue warning signs are subtle but could be...

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