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5 weeks out from: *The birth of my SON!!! *CrossFit Regionals (WEST) *IFSAC FF1 TEST & HAZMAT I Lots going on in my world, I can assume the same for anyone reading this. 4/18/2016 Monday 1. Team of 4 athletes, 2 females, 2 men 200 toes to bar (2 athletes holding barbell overhead #135/95) 1 athlete performing toes to bar, 1 athlete resting 200 shoulder to overhead (2 athletes hanging from pull-up bar) 1 athlete performing stoh, 1 athlete resting | 11:50 2. Overhead Squat from the floor in 3 minutes | #215 3. 1 male, 1 female and 1...

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Here's my first bear of 2015. I have 2 more tags to go for the spring. A couple of states and a lot of miles to cover, but that will have to wait until the CrossFit Regionals are over. All this fitness and training is hopefully going to pay off for our CrossFit Team (Spokane Valley). This boar is around 200lb, right at or just under 6', and a good representation of a North Idaho bear. These animals are amazing, they are resilient, and they are hard on elk calves. We have so many stinking bears in Idaho, it's a...

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